Completer: “I have been brought in to complete several failing projects and have completed several projects which others have deemed difficult or impossible to complete”

Project management: “I have successfully managed over 35 projects from inception to completion”

Budget management: ”I have not only brought in and managed my own budgets, but also managed several budgets simultaneously ”

Computer skills: “ I have used many specialist packages including statistical software such as SPSS ”

Presentation skills: “I have presented at 13 international and national conferences, additionally I have been invited to give presentations at local meetings of international organisations such as CIWEM”

Organisational skills:”I have successfully organised conferences and field trips to a number of countries”

General Management skills: “I have developed and managed the day to day activities of two laboratories, additionally I managed the day to day running of the MSc Environmental Engineering course”

Managing people: “I have successfully managed staff and workers, from those I work with in the laboratory to teams of volunteers constructing sanitation systems in the field”

Writing skills: “I am a frequent contributor to the Clean Slate Magazine, I have written a number of journal papers and reports for international organisations ”

Workshop designer: “ I have designed and facilitated a number of highly successful workshops using a number of different techniques and tools, such as Ketso (TM)”

Teaching: “I have taught MSc, BEng and BSc students on topics ranging from coagulation and flocculation to participatory approaches ”

Spanish: “I have worked in Spanish in Mexico and Peru”